A Fresh Start

Over 4 years ago, March 10 2008, I posted my first recipe on Speedbump Kitchen.  3 weeks earlier, my eldest had her first full-on anaphylactic reaction to a sip of milk at age 6. She was first diagnosed with milk allergy at 6 months when she enjoyed a full bowl of formula and rice cereal without systemic reaction,  but developed a blotchy rash where the formula touched her skin.  We were assured that strict avoidance would hasten resolution of this mild allergy…most likely by age 5.  Fast forward 6 years of following the rules, reading labels and doing everything possible to resolve this allergy, and a sip of the wrong milk nearly killed her.  After a phase a general anger at the allergy profession for their inability to cure anything, I realized this allergy-thing wasn’t going anywhere, and launched Speedbump.

Last week, my eldest, now nearly 10 did what any other kid does when they pass through the kitchen and see a bowl of mashed potatoes…she stuck her finger in and took a taste. Those were not her mashed potatoes. 2 EpiPens and a night in the local Children’s Hospital later, I’m back at the same general frustration at the allergy profession for their inability to cure anything.  Barring a miracle, which I pray for nightly, it doesn’t appear this allergy-thing is going anywhere.  So here I am, back at the computer, looking bleary eyed at HTML and CSS, launching something new.

Now one week after the heartbreaking allergic reaction, Speedbump Kitchen is fully converted to WordPress from Blogger and ready to take on the world again!  I did the transfer myself, but had quite a virtual team helping me out.  Many thanks to the patient folks at Host Gator (the kindest and most accessible hosting team on earth), the smart people who wrote the incredibly intuitive  Headway Theme, Sharon Hujik for writing the essential ebook on Blogger transfers, and for Jacqui being my backup to hire in case I failed! Hopefully, the worst of computer coding and allergic reactions are behind us.



  1. Elizabeth Patter says

    I am so sorry for your daughter’s reaction and hope she is recovering. As a fellow mom of kids with multiple food allergies your blog and recipes make my family’s life taste so much better and I thank you for that. Love your new look. Thank you.

  2. says

    Congratulations, Megan! It’s really beautiful! And I think that being daring in the kitchen has shown your children that absolutely NOTHING in life, not even a food allergy, should be seen as a STOP sign. It’s just a little speedbump.

  3. Stacey says

    I have commented before, but I just want to tell you again that this has been my go-to cooking resource, especially for baked goods, the last year and a half. Off the top of my head we have tried: pumpkin donuts, garden cake, rainbow cake, cherry cookies, sugar cookies, potato rolls, Christmas candy, meatballs and zucchini cake. I’m sure there are more I can’t think of right now. So a great big thank you from myself and the rest of my family for spending the time to share your recipes with us all!

  4. Shannon B. says

    Thank gawd!! You are back! My little dairy monster is starting kindergarten in the fall. I love reading your suggestions and using your recipes. You are my go-to foodista!

  5. Jenny says

    I am grateful for your website and your recipes. I was so lost when my daughter (3 yo) was diagnosed with egg and dairy allergies. I have been experimenting with your recipes and testing them out on my co-workers (who now love me). My daughter is in heaven with every recipe that we try.

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