Free EpiPen Coupons!

Free EpiPen Coupons!

Oh, how I love love love competition in the marketplace. It drives down prices, improves quality, encourages innovation…and yes, the wonders of capitalism and competition apply to healthcare as well as mobile phones.  I love EpiPens. They’ve saved the lives of my children many times over. I’ll never understand why people are afraid of these things. They’re awesome. Fear the reaction, love the EpiPen.  Epi saves lives.  Period.

Now, that being said. EpiPen has held the market share for pretty much…forever. As such, they’ve never had to compete on price or try to improve their product. Ok, so they’ve innovated a little.  A few years back, they made the whole contraption BIGGER so they could provide a needle safety guard and more recently they stopped making single-packs and only sell them in two-packs.

But on price? Nothing. I’ve NEVER seen a single coupon card come through my office. Our local Walmart charges $243 for a Epi-Jr 2-pack and $219 for and Epi-Sr 2-pack. Ouch. Even with insurance, the co-pays run $40-60.  When you start buying a two-pack for school and a two-pack for home…add in multiple children and spouses…in our home that would be three 2-packs for school, three 2-packs for home, plus a 2-pack for hubby. $420 in co-pays per year (or $1677 in cash at Walmart).

Is it any wonder folks hedge on buying all their EpiPens, or give pause to deciding if they should use it?

Well, there’s a new kid in town with Auvi-Q, and EpiPen is finally stepping up their game. They’re offering Free Co-Pay Cards or $100 off Cash-Pay this year on their website!  Just print one up, get your script called out from your doc and get your EpiPens up to date! Three Cheers for Competition!


  1. says

    Well said about marketplace competition! I find it almost entertaining to see how Mylan and Sanofi are trying to compete in this “space”. (the PR for Auvi-Q, etc.) But hey, if marketplace competition creates better prices and options for us, then bring it on! I already used my coupon to get an extra set of epi pens and will be using it soon again to refill epipens that are soon expiring.

  2. Tiffany says

    This is GREAT! thank you, I went into anifalactic shock 2 weeks ago to a random bee sting. I have been unemployed and could not afford my epipens, so I haven’t been going outside and have been afraid it will happen again due to the cost and no income. Life saver, thank you so much.

  3. Kaitlyn bombardieri says

    This is fantastic! Our dr. Gave us a coupon for the new auvi-q (twenty bucks for 2) . I was waiting to fill the rx though to hear feedback before filling them though. We end up buying 6 epi double packs at a time so these coupons are great!!!! Thank you so much for the post!

  4. Lisa says

    Too bad I can’t use it. Poor health has me on Medicare, where my copay on an Epipen is $250. Since the coupon is not good for those on Medicare, I guess it is sad to say, a ride in an ambulance to the local hospital will be cheaper….if I make it there.

  5. Poor Joe Plumber says

    I thought obamacare was going to help us attain medical help.. holding my breathe. Or hope I can make it to the ER in time. My walmart charges 378$ for the epipens. Highway robbery

  6. Sheila says

    Read the fine print . . . “Maximum discount is $100″ as pointed out by the Walgreens clerk where I just tried using the coupon so generously given to me by my allergist’s office.

    • Meg says

      Yes, Sheila. You’re absolutely right. It’s $100 off the cash price or the co-pay. For cash-pay or the increasing number of people on high deductible HSA plans, it definitely pays to shop around for EpiPens, there can be wildly different prices between pharmacies, even pharmacies of the same chain located at different places within your area.

      A VERY disturbing thing I’m noticing is that cash pay for EpiPen has gone up $100 around here. Used to be about $250, and I just had a patient get charged $350 at Costco. So the “$100 coupon” isn’t really much of a “coupon” if the price is getting jacked up $100 first. Let’s hope Auvi-Q starts competing on price.

      • Joyce says

        Thanks for the note. Evidently, my Walgreens now charges $530 while the coupon takes off $233, leaving the cash price at $297. Some funky math.

  7. Diana says

    How do I get an epiPen cause I am very allergic to bees? Cause if they stink me and won’t make it to the hospital in time well I need one in my household just in case.

  8. Shannon says

    My Walgreens just charged me $1300 with my coupon for 2 dual pack epi pen jr’s. They said I hadn’t met my medical deductible with blue cross PPO.. That’s horrible.

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